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Tuesday, August 22, 2017


One Of My Very Own...

Shirley & Company, Shame Shame Shame


No. No, I won't.
Everybody I talked to thought it was over hyped...until they saw it. Grisly old men were awed. Young people were awed. I was a wonderful experience for everyone. Which is a good thing.

Aaaaaaand here's my grandson watching the eclipse...

Jupiter with three simultaneous eclipses. Holy fucking science shit, boys and girls.

Miss the eclipse? Mark your calendar.
Could someone please explain to me why some swaths are wider than others? Unless it's real technical, then keep it to yourself, I don't have time for that shit.

Me and the bride loved every second of it.
Easy chair, beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. It don't get any better than that.

During totality I could barely see my neighbor's house across the street.

All of our automatic lights came on...thinking it was night time.

The shadows were freaky...
Those are all crescent shaped and fucking awesome.

Lebanese army raises Spanish flag on captured ISIS hilltop paying homage to Barcelona attack victims.
Doesn't the solar eclipse make all this petty shit seems....petty?

George Lincoln Rockwell (center), leader of the American Nazi Party, and 2 of his top aides attend a Malcolm X speech on common grounds of racial segregation during a Nation of Islam rally in 1961. Rockwell and his supporters were there to push for a divide in the US of the Aryans for one half, and Malcolm X's supporters for the other (you can guess what Nazi's wanted to do with everyone else). Rockwell even spoke at this event himself. This American born former WWII veteran fought the Nazi's, only to become one. He also denied the holocaust, coined the phrase "white power", confronted Martin Luther King directly, and is a key reason America has neo-Nazi's. He was assassinated in 1967 by one of his former party members.

John Cleese is an international treasure

The fact that you have to tell people not to throw their fucking piss at police officers is very troubling.

At this point I'm just impressed America hasn't put Gummy Bears in trail mix.


News from the last Blockbuster

Everyone in every dolphin documentary talk as if they want to fuck a dolphin.


A visit to the dentist, 1892.
I'd like to be the guy on the floor holding his head. I would love that.

A golf ball retriever of old...

Pickled's a Southern thing.
No fucking shit, Jack.

50,000 rubber duckies being poured into the Chicago river for charity. Not sure of details.
I guess the thugs will be too busy looking for those ducks to slaughter each other.

One of many Pipers that died during WW1. 1000's were the first to head over the top to pipe their men to battle.
Think about a tradition like that for a moment.
It's called fighting today's battles with the last wars methods. Insanity.

Improvised Explosive Devices

Often in public, to cause mass hysteria.  IEDs are a terrifying weapon, indiscriminate killers and dangerous to every living person on the planet.

Its often not the explosion that kills people, especially in vehicles, its the shock wave. A vehicle may look almost intact after hitting an IED, but a persons organs aren't made of steel and rupture causing internal bleeding and organ failure.

And nowhere is safe. A landing strip may have been safe and secure the day before, but in the middle of the night insurgents are hard at work to plant these atrocious devices.

It's called asymmetrical warfare and we should have learned that lesson in Vietnam.

Peach owed Mario sex.


Guy builds a beautiful doghouse and dog sleeps under it.
But that's not what I find interesting. Look at the bags of concrete they simply laid around their flower bed. It doesn't take too long before enough moisture seeps in to harden it to a brick. Then you just remove the paper. Brilliant.

'Fuck it, why pay a designer when I can do it for free.'


Yes, but other animals are perfectly happy to drink milk when it is given to them. They just lack the thumbs to get at it themselves.


You must read about this.
This Is The Real Reason Why Hospitals Are So Expensive

My "Not involved in human trafficking" T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt.


Bamboo forest by night - Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan
I had one near my home in Birmingham, Alabama that was so thick you couldn't walk through it. Some as big as your leg.

What is this sorcery?
This is a tub of sand. They are blowing air through the bottom at a rate that makes the sand particles behave like a liquid. Science!

See anything...odd?
Soldiers in the Clouds.

CPR on a drowned lizard...

But wait, there's more...
How clever.

Read all about it:


Momma frog opening the nursery door.

Juliane Koepcke, age 17, was sucked out of an airplane after it was struck by lightening. She fell 2 miles to the ground strapped to her seat and survived. She had to endure a 10 day hike through the amazon jungle before being rescued by a logging team. Out of 93 passenger's, she was the only survivor of the Lansa flight 508 crash that took place December 24th, 1971.

Cutting the highest hedge at the time at 11 meters high in 1962. It was planted in 1720.

Reaction time - saving lives for, like, ever...

Reversed pool?
She has water dripping off her before she gets in the pool.
Who the fuck cares?

Sometimes I look at my phone and yell "Leonardo DiCaprio is dead" just to see what happens.



Can't think of a reason to be a good citizen on your own? Shit, let's just tell them they will be punished when they die.

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